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We always set up a new touchstone & exceed the expectations of our customers and clients.

One of the best software companies in Bangladesh which in our city Sirajganj. Welcome to a company where your ideas count, where your determination creates a new world, where your talent and hard-works are rewarded.At SoftUs Tech we always endeavor to lead towards development and creating a flexible, dynamic, friendly and cooperative organizational cultural.SoftUs Tech is one of the promising SoftwareWeb Application ,Mobile  &  Desktop Application Development companies of Bangladesh which aims at creating a new standard in the era of software technology.



SoftUs Tech, is the brainchild of some fresh youth brain. These young minds not only dream it about something big, will be chased it.

We pave the way for making the dream come true. And the best is yet to come out.



We offer excellence in user experience & design, agile engineering and innovation strategy for mobile apps in Bangladesh.In addition to design and development services, We narture innovation to generate and refine disruptive ideas.We provide high-quality web & mobile apps which will certainly be a revolutionary step towards the path of rapidly developing technology sector of Bangladesh.As a result, it will be help us to be one of the top software companies in Bangladesh.

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SoftUs Tech is absolutely the easier one to choose among others because of its passion about productivity, simplicity, and beautiful design in web mobile industry.When You choose SoftUs TechYou get a dedicated team the unified intelligence, perseverance and people who have efficiency and purity in problem solving. You own everything we build, we treat every app like it’s our own – we perspiration every detail and aren’t satisfied until it is perfect.

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"May Allah give understanding to all human beings and to give them the right to make lawful - Amin."

"আল্লাহ সকল মানব জাতিকে সঠিক বুঝ দিন এবং হালাল উপার্জন করার তৌফিক দান করুন - আমিন"

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Your Satisfiction Our Mission |Sincere |Useful |Talented |

Software  Development

SoftUs Tech is one of the promising Software Application Development companies of Bangladesh

Web  Development

SoftUs Tech is one of the promising Web Application Design & Development companies of Bangladesh

Android App  Development

SoftUs Tech is one of the promising Android Application  Development companies of Bangladesh


SoftUs Tech is one of the promising Online Shop companies of Bangladesh

Digital Marketing & SEO

SoftUs Tech is one of the promising Digital Social Marketing & Search Engine Optimaization (SEO) companies of Bangladesh

SoftUs Tech -Education

SoftUs Tech is one of the promising Idea!!! Implement Supporting (fund also) companies of Bangladesh

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We pave the way for making the dream come true. And the best is yet to come out.

  • United Sphare of Mokimpur-USM

  • VensKab Designer

  • নকশি কাঁথা

  • Tutor of Sirajganj-ToS

  • আমাদের লাইব্রেরি

  • SHARC-Sirajganj Home Assistent of Repair Computer

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Solaiman Hossain


Md. Yeasir Ahammed


Tonoy Zahan


Md.Kamrul Hasan


Jadwah Wania

Lead Programmer & Software Architect

Kamrul Hasan

Designer & Marketer

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A Blog that share Science, Digital World, Information & Technology, amazing Ideas and much more to share around world.

Visionary physicist Stephen Hawking dies

Mar , 2018

"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change."
#RIP Stephen Hawking Sir 😥😥
Post Courtesy: #SoftUs_Tech_Team 🤝 ❤️ 🇧🇩️

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IBM's New Computer Is the Size of a Grain of Salt and Costs Less Than 10 Cents

Apr , 2018

IBM may have just created the world's smallest computer - as tiny as a grain of salt - but it has big plans to use this new device to revolutionize our supply chain. 🤝 ❤️ 🇧🇩️

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Facebook Really Is Spying on You, Just Not Through Your Phone’s Mic

Apr , 2018

Facebook tracking is now so pervasive and accurate, it feels as if they're listening to us from our devices, says Joanna Stern.
Note: This The Wall Street Journal article is behind a paywall, but the freely-view-able video has actionable tips to protect your data. 🤔 🤣
🤝 ❤️ 🇧🇩️

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Google is designing an advanced hand gesture recognition sensor.

Mar , 2018

Project Soli is developing a new interaction sensor using radar technology. The sensor can track sub-millimeter motions at high speed and accuracy. It fits onto a chip, can be produced at scale and built into small devices and everyday objects.
Post Courtesy: #SoftUs_Tech_Team 🤝 ❤️ 🇧🇩️

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মুক্তিপণ হিসেবে আপনার "ন্যুড" ছবি!!!
Your "nude" picture as a ransom !!!

Mar , 2018

র‍্যানসামওয়ারের নতুন আরেকটি ভার্শন এনর‍্যামসম ভাইরাস...
র‍্যানসামওয়ারে আক্রান্ত একটি কম্পিউটার কিংবা স্মার্টফোন অন করতে গিয়ে দেখলেন সেখানে লক করা। যে ফাইলেই প্রবেশ করুন না কেন সব লকড। শুধু একটা ই-মেইল দেয়া এবং হ্যাকারের দাবিকৃত অর্থের পরিমাণ উল্লেখ করা। একমাত্র অর্থ পরিশোধ করেই আপনার সব ডাটা বের করার উপায়। ভয়ঙ্কর এ ভাইরাসের নাম র‌্যানসমওয়্যার। ...

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR Albert Einstein & HAPPY Pi ( π ) DAY ❤️ 🅿️ℹ️

Mar , 2018

Education is not the learning of facts,but the training of mind to think.
- Albert Einstein

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